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To a series of 20 large-format oil paintings, Uwe Bremer has given the title Alphysical still lifes. This is once again a successful attempt at deception by the artist. For that which the viewer may see here has little in common with the generally accepted notion of still life.

Bremer's pictures exude the opposite of composure. Every single work captures explosive forces. In Uwe Bremer's fantastic universe, everything spins and rocks. Objects bend and fly away. Things fall; they roll and drip, spray and spit, crackle and crash. Centrifugal forces are at work. Energy flows. From the explosion's destructive force, something new is created.

In the manner of the Old Masters, Uwe Bremer transforms the phenomena of abstract physics into detailed, meticulously painted, and at the same time excitingly composed pictorial worlds. He uniquely succeeds in addressing all of the viewer's senses, flinging him through his universe, and finally releasing him, inspired, into reality once more. It is an excursion, which is well worthwhile.

Gerhard Schröder [Berlin, January 2007]